• Receive In-Stock Notifications from Nativ Nurseries

    Receive In-Stock Notifications from Nativ Nurseries
    Growing seedlings is a seasonal activity for us, and from time-to-time our stock gets depleted of some of our most popular selections. This usually occurs during the late spring and summer months when we shift our focus towards growing and caring for our next crop. We get a lot of questions asking how to get notified when specific species are available again. Now you...
  • 5 Tips for Controlling Weeds Around Seedlings

    5 Tips for Controlling Weeds Around Seedlings
    Mast trees need care from time to time if they’re going to remain productive. If left unmaintained fruit trees can grow out of control and productivity will suffer. If maintained properly it’s amazing the tonnage a few fruit trees or several mature oaks can provide. Many people think that pruning is all about “cosmetics,” but when it comes to fruit trees, proper pruning is...
  • Schuettes Hybrid Oak

    Schuettes Hybrid Oak
    Schuettes oak is a hybrid cross between two well rounded oaks in the white oak group-  swamp white oak (Q. bicolor) and bur oak (Q. macrocarpa). Both species are known for their cold hardiness, tasty acorns, and the ability to tolerate and thrive on both bottomland and upland sites.
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