• 6 Best Oak Trees for Whitetails.

    6 Best Oak Trees for Whitetails.
    At Nativ Nurseries we put together a whitetail package that we believe to be the best combination of oak trees for whitetails. This whitetail oak tree package includes an assortment of 12 trees specially designed to keep food on the ground throughout the entire fall and winter from the southern portions of zone 5 to zone 9.
  • Protecting Your New Trees

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    Protecting Your New Trees
    Hands down, the best way to protect young trees is with tree tubes (also called tree protectors). They not only ensure your seedlings get past the vulnerable seedling and sapling stages, it also enhances growth rates. Deer seem to key in on tender seedlings and saplings as both a food source and a target to rub their antlers on.
  • Nativ Nurseries Blight Resistant Chestnuts

    Nativ Nurseries Blight Resistant Chestnuts
    Hybrid Chestnuts have been all the rage for wildlife plantings and orchards for human consumption in the past few years, and for good reason. Once planted, it only takes about 3 years for them to begin producing nuts. They produce ANNUALLY, and boy do they produce heavy crops!
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