Schuettes Hybrid Oak


Schuettes Hybrid Oak (Quercus x schuettei)

This is our most popular hybrid oak for folks in Northern climates, whether it be feeding whitetails or as a great looking shade tree in a yard. Schuettes oak is a hybrid cross between two well rounded oaks in the white oak group- swamp white oak (Q. bicolor) and bur oak (Q. macrocarpa). Both species are known for their cold hardiness, tasty acorns that drop in September and October, and the ability to tolerate and thrive on both bottomland and upland sites of varying pH levels. This hybrid will thrive even up in zone 3, the coldest hardiness zone in the lower 48, but also performs like a champ in warmer climates. While it won’t win any speed growth records compared to some of the red oaks and hybrids from the south, it maintains a good growth rate and can begin producing a few acorns by its sixth birthday. While this hybrid is an obvious boon for wildlife with its heavy crops of low-tannin acorns, it’s also the perfect yard or landscape tree because of its good looks and site plastic nature. Don’t think twice about whether or not you need Schuettes oak (rhymes with foots) or not…it’s a real winner everyone needs to incorporate on their property, especially our more northern customers.

Schuettes Oak Schuettes Oak


For more details on the Schuettes Oak visit the product page HERE

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