The Nativ Nurseries Rapid Mast system utilizes a combination of our own proprietary treatments focused on producing the absolute healthiest stock and root system available. The process begins with seed collection from parent trees with traits such as; mast production at a young age (precocity), vigorous growth, heavy and consistent production, wildlife preference, and disease resistance.

Our select seeds are then propagated and raised in greenhouse/nursery facilities following a specific protocol that ensures a fibrous and aggressive lateral root system. These fibrous “feeder” roots allow the plant to assimilate exponentially more nutrients and water, resulting in larger, healthier, stress-tolerant stock that literally takes off when transplanted into its permanent home.

The Nativ Nurseries Rapid Mast system is a completely natural, yet enhanced growth environment that can offer results from mast producing trees much sooner than ever before thought possible! Research indicates that not only do these plants grow much faster and survive much better, they typically produce mast in less than half the time of most traditional plantings…sometimes even three times faster!



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