Planting Trees: Our #1 Recommendation While Social Distancing


While the current situation with the Corona Virus can’t be taken lightly, and we are distancing ourselves from crowds, most experts recommend getting out in nature a bit to breathe some fresh air. Parents are encouraged to “school kids at home” during this time, including studying some natural history. Many folks are taking that a step further and literally doing stuff that kids don’t do much if at all during regular school hours, and that is GETTING OUT IN NATURE and learning about things like plants, animals, insects, soils, climate, hydrology, and others.


Spring is upon us, so it’s a great time to get out there to soak in some sun and watch our earth wake up. Bees are buzzing and trees and plants are just beginning to grow for the year. There are blooms and new growth everywhere, and many walks of wildlife are on the move and taking advantage of what the new year is bringing.


Whether you’re a weekend warrior doing some gamekeeping, or a quarantined family wanting to get out and carefully soak in some nature, spring “is springing” and now is a great time of year to plant some tree seedlings or wildflowers. It’s not likely you’ll forget some memories of the Corona Virus event of 2020 because of the abrupt lifestyle changes that are taking place, why not make them positive memories you and your family will never forget.


“Do you remember that time we planted these trees during the Corona Virus event years ago? Wow they have gotten big, and they’re covered in acorns….it sure seems like yesterday… I’ll never forget all of us doing that!!!”

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