• History of Nativ Nurseries

    History of Nativ Nurseries
    Dudley Phelps explains the history of Nativ Nurseries.
  • The Best Time To Prune Trees

    The Best Time To Prune Trees
    Mast trees need care from time to time if they’re going to remain productive. If left unmaintained fruit trees can grow out of control and productivity will suffer. If maintained properly it’s amazing the tonnage a few fruit trees or several mature oaks can provide. Many people think that pruning is all about “cosmetics,” but when it comes to fruit trees, proper pruning is...
  • Insurance for Your Trees

    Insurance for Your Trees
    TREE TUBES (also called TREE PROTECTORS) are a necessary step towards ensuring the best chance for survival and enhanced growth rates. Survival and fast growth leads to early and abundant mast production. Even if mast production isn’t your goal, initial and long -term survivability most certainly is.
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