Purchasing Questions

Are there any discounts for bulk orders?

We grow a large list of species in medium quantities, rather than many of a few species, so don't typically have enough inventory for bulk sales. However, if you need 10,000 or more seedlings, we can perhaps do a "contract grow," but we must plan in advance to collect the proper amount of seed. 

Do you have a plant catalog?

We do not, but we have a very descriptive website that can be viewed from your phone or computer.

Did my order go through?

If your order has been processed correctly a confirmation will be sent to your e-mail account. 

Can I request a specific ship date?

Yes, there is a shipping date calendar located on the checkout page, were you can request a ship date up to six weeks after your purchase date. If you do not request a specific date all orders will be shipped the first shipping day after the order is received. We do not ship on Fridays or during the weekend. We recommend choosing a Monday or Tuesday ship date in most areas to get your order delivered prior to the weekend.


What is the minimum plant order?

A minimum order of $25 is required for a purchase. This does not include shipping and handling.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost depends directly on the order. Once you create an account and fill you cart it will provide a shipping cost. We ship our air-pruned seedlings in a box containing no more than 30 seedlings. The price depends on the weight of the box. We ship via UPS

When does your shipping season begin?

We typically begin selling/shipping our new crop every year beginning in early September. If this time is still too hot and dry to plant in your area, remember that you can choose a ship date that is up to six weeks post your order date.

Growing Questions

Do I need to trim or make a slit in the root ball or are they ready to plant as is?

Our seedlings come ready to plant "as is".


Are any of your plants genetically altered or engineered in any way?

No, our trees are hand selected from what we deem as the best parent trees Mother Nature has to offer. Our open pollinated seedlings are professionally grown, but no modern alternations have been made to the genetics.

When is a good time to begin planting?

Planting times vary from zone to zone but generally speaking mid-fall to early spring is the optimum time to plant in the south, and fall (skip winter) and spring is best in the North. The sooner the better. Planting in the fall allows roots time to become established in the soil before entering the dormant stage.

Should I do any "site prepping" in areas I want to plant?

Better site preparation = better growth.

Do I need a tree shelter (tree tube)?

We encourage the use of tree shelters although they are not absolutely necessary. Keep in mind however, a tree tube acts as a mini green house which will encourage faster growth that will get them up and above the competition sooner than later. Tree tubes also provide excellent protection against deer and rodents ho love to rub or chew on any exposed plant parts. 

When transplanting, what is the best type of soil to use on my plants?

If you choose species that are adapted to your site, there is no need to doctor your soil with potting soil or other bulk amendments.If you want to lightly incorporate some compost prior to planting day, use no more than 10% volume to volume of compost to soil.


Do I need to plant the same species of fruit trees near each other for pollination? If so which species?

Yes, cross pollination information can be found on each fruit tree’s individual description page.

Is there a formula I can use to calculate how many trees I should plant on my property? What type of spacing should I use when planting trees?

There are two different spacing guidelines to follow when planting your trees. If you are planting to attract wildlife and increase production, your trees should be spaced further apart. If you are planting trees with plans to harvest for timber, planting trees closer limits branching and encourages lateral growth. Actual spacing varies with each individual species.

Should I fertilize my plants every week, month, year?

We recommend fertilization, especially in the first 3-4 growing seasons, to give them a head start. We offer our fertilizer on our website that we highly recommend. Whatever you choose to use, read and follow the instructions on the label.

For all others questions give us a call at 662.494.4326 or email nursery@mossyoak.com 


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