Pollinator Garden Plugs & Pure Live Seed

Pollinator species such as birds, bees, moths, butterflies and other insects play a vital role to wildlife habitats. Pollinator species aid in plant reproduction and production of over 75% of fruits, berries, acorns, and agricultural crops. 

Creating a pollinator garden and adding pollinator habitat attracts species to your land that will help increase productivity.  The invertebrates also serve as a high protein food source for many upland birds and song birds.

Nativ's wildflower and native grass plugs are grown in the same air pruned containers as our seedlings resulting in a root system much larger and robust than others. These plugs are quicker to establish and fast growing usually flowering in the first season after planting.  The plantings increase biodiversity your property and providing food and habitat for a variety of species and are ideal for erosion control establishing quicker than seeding.

Our Nativ Seed Blends contain 100% pure live seed so you can
be sure you're getting the most for your money.