Barrier Blend- Visual Screen and Pollinator Garden Seed Mix

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“Barrier Blend” is a quick, simple, and easy way to establish a visual barrier along any part of your property or in your pollinator garden. We’ve selected 5 specific species of tall growing native grasses for this blend and a good stand will grow up to 7-10 ft tall. We recommend planting a strip 5 ft wide along the perimeter of the area of interest.

Bloom Time: Warm Season- Fall
Contains: 750 seeds per packet
Rate: 50 seeds per sq. ft.
Plant along:

Walking Trails
Fence Lines
Erosion Control
Creating Any Visual Barrier
Contains 5 varieties of native grasses. Can grow up to 7-10 ft

Big Bluestem
Switchgrass - Alamo
Maximillian Sunflower
White Wingstem
Iron Weed