Southern Red Oak (Quercus falcata)

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Also known as the turkey-foot oak due to the shape of the leaf, the Southern Red oak is an excellent source of food for most all woodland critters. The petite but tasty acorn is just the right size for turkey, pheasant, and other small forest creatures. Fox squirrels are especially fond of this easy to munch early to mid fall dropping acorn. 

Southern Red oaks prefer to live on dry upland sites and are intermediately shade tolerant. This tree has commonly been used in the past for all types of construction including furniture, interior finish, and even veneers. This is an excellent specimen to add to your tree collection.



Red Oak section

7 - 9

Soil pH: 4.2 - 6.0
Mature Height: 100'
Wildlife Value: Deer, turkey, gray squirrel, raccoon, and a favorite of fox squirrel.
Site Preference: Found on dry upland sites throughout the southeastern United States; rare in bottoms; common invader of pine sites.
Nut Maturity Date: November

Spanish Oak, Swamp Red Oak, Water Oak, Turkey Foot Oak


Zone 7-9