ShuWillow Oak Hybrid (Quercus x moultonensis)

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Hybrid Oak Tree
The "Generator Oak" this tree holds our 2012 height growth record. We were able to grow a 18" seedling to a 10 Foot Tall Sapling in only one growing season!Toxey discovered this hybrid between Shumard oak and willow oak in a planting of willow oaks when he noticed it was...
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The "Generator Oak" this tree holds our 2012 height growth record. We were able to grow a 18" seedling to a 10 Foot Tall Sapling in only one growing season!

Toxey discovered this hybrid between Shumard oak and willow oak in a planting of willow oaks when he noticed it was much bigger than the rest of the surrounding trees. Upon closer inspection, the little leaves had jagged margins kinda like a sawtooth or chinkapin oak.  Fast forward several years- the tree’s super growth rate hasn’t changed and routinely generates WAY more acorns every year than the surrounding oaks…hence its nickname “the Generator.” It also is highly prized by the wildlife.  One interesting thing we noticed with this hybrid red is that squirrels dine on the acorns immediately after falling, instead of hauling them off to a cache. This is common with the white oak group, but squirrels normally reserve reds for later after losing some bitterness. The acorns are bigger than a willow oak’s and smaller than a Shumard oak’s, making them just about perfect for all of our favorite wildlife species.  In a hurry???,  the rapid mast seedlings from the Generator oak grow VERY fast and will routinely hit the 6-8 foot mark their first year when paired with your best dirt, a tree tube and proper care.   Like some of the other fast growing reds such as Nuttall and Shumard oak, 6-8 years to acorns isn’t unheard of if you do it right.




Red Oak section

6 - 9

Soil pH: 4.5 - 7.2
Mature Height: 100'
Wildlife Value: Heaviest eaters are whitetail deer, wild turkey, gray squirrel, and blue jay, and owaterfowl also enjoy them.
Site Preference: Thrives in any well drained bottom, rich upland site, cove, or loessal hill. Tolerates seasonal flooding.
Drop Time: Early - Mid Fall


Zone 6-9

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Williams

ShuWillow Oak Hybrid (Quercus x moultonensis)


Fast speedy service. Plants arrived in good condition. Packed well.

Lydia Hammond
Nice healthy trees

I’ve had it with the ‘wet sticks’ you typically get from mail order tree companies, I have terrible luck getting them to grow despite my best efforts. So glad to have found actual pot-grown trees for a great price! They arrived in terrific shape, with very healthy looking root balls. The only thing I could ask for is more species available, hopefully that’s in the future.

Thomas Hebert
Exceptional Quality Trees

Trees were very healthy and tall at nearly 3 feet. This isn't a one-off experience as I have purchased from Nativ Nurseries several times in the past with the same experience. Their packaging is always top tier and shipping is very fast. I repotted these in 5" pots, placed in the shade and gave them a good drink until I can get them in the ground after this terrible drought and warm weather ends. You can't go wrong with Native Nurseries.

The Plan Works!

I have ordered many trees from Native. This one is a beast because it grows fast and full under the right soil conditions. I did a soil test before planting. Once it arrived and I planted, staked, and tubed it. Attached photo is after 18 months.

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ShuWillow Oak Hybrid (Quercus x moultonensis)
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