Beadles Oak Hybrid (Quercus x beadlei)

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Imagine a tree that combines the abundant acorn production and preferred timber quality of a true white oak with the large acorns and allure of the fast growing swamp chestnut oak.  Now imagine that same tree, a reality that can be used as a tool on your own piece of heaven. This is the tree that began Toxey’s infatuation with discovering and growing naturally occurring hybrid oaks…hence the nickname “bottomland” white oak. 

Expect faster vegetative growth rates than true white oak, which can lead to mast production at a younger age. Don’t forget about its tolerance to a wide range of sites, preference by all sorts of critters, and downright good looks!  Our seed trees begin shedding their crop at the same timeframe as true white oaks, which their acorns resemble. 

Considering the deer get most of our acorns, these seedlings will be in limited quantities, so be patient or get your orders in early.  Plant ‘Bottomland’ white oaks and yes… they will come.



White Oak section

5 - 9

Soil pH: 4.5 - 6.8
Mature Height: 80' - 100'
Wildlife Value: Acorns important source of food for deer, wild turkey, black bear, ducks.
Site Preference:  Thrives on many sites. Tolerant of poorer sites once established.  Naturally occurs on low ground but doesn't  tolerate long durations of flooding. Best growth occurs on bottomland sites or coves with good drainage.
Drop Time: October to early November
Alias: Beadles Oak

Zone 5-9