What size seedlings to expect for Naitv Nurseries


What size seedlings to expect for Naitv Nurseries

At Nativ Nurseries, our air-pruned, containerized seedlings are started from seed every spring. They grow only for one growing season before being ready for purchase beginning in the late summer of the same year. Seedlings are usually available for purchase from about August until the following spring.

Seedling heights will vary depending on the species, and will average between 12” and 36.” All seedlings except a couple of offerings are grown in 4” x 2.5” air pruning containers aimed towards providing a fibrous root system that is simple to transplant and achieve great survival rates. First year growth can reach upwards of 5-6’ or more with adequate preparation and maintenance.

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  • Pete Boyd

    Is it okay to keep packaged for 3-4 days after receiving them? . I can’t to the farm till the weekend.

  • Michael Davis

    Hey guys, I live just across the state line in Alabama and would like to come in person and buy some nutall oaks and some chestnuts also. When do you normally have staff there to sell to the public and do you sell acorns? Thanks,
    Michael B Davis

  • Michael Tartal

    Are all crab apple trees gone?

  • Dale R Doherty

    What kind of herbicide do you use around the trees to kill the weeds? Please do a quick video on this so we can feel comfortable that we won’t kill our valuable trees.

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