Strawberry Bush (Euonymus americanus)

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Wildlife biologists often refer to strawberry bush as an “ice-cream plant” for deer. In fact, deer love strawberry bush so much that it can be non-existent in areas with hungry deer. For deer, we plant one, long row of plants spaced two to three feet apart and cover it with a “hoop-house” of chicken wire. The wire protects the plant and allows tender sprouts to escape the protection of the cage which can then be eaten by the deer. 

Don’t forget that strawberry bush is an absolutely beautiful and unique native plant worthy of inclusion in your yard. The bright green shoots grow straight as an arrow (hence the name arrow-wood) and develop seed pods resembling strawberries that burst open in late summer exposing four or five bright red seeds that dangle from the open pods. Hence the other common name ‘hearts-a-bustin’. Whatever its name is, include this guy in your landscape if you’re interested in adding a unique, native touch that will be sure and receive plenty of positive feedback. 

Zone: 6 - 10
Soil pH: 5.0 - 6.0
Mature Height: 4'-5’
Wildlife Value: A favorite of deer and an excellent indicator of deer population density. Seeds are eaten by songbirds and wild turkey. .
Site Preference: Deciduous woods, sandy thickets, swamplands, woodlands, ravines, stream sides..
Maturity Date: Flower in mid-Spring, seed in early Fall

Arrow wood


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