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Enjoy special pricing of $29.99 and 10.99 flat rate shipping on bundles of 12 Sawtooth Oaks for a limited time! 

Customers often ask us… “How come you call yourselves the Nativ Nursery, and offer the non-native sawtooth oak?”  Our answer is…  “It’s native somewhere.”  Sawtooth oak has been an American citizen for quite some time, and proves itself a winner in our book as the first to provide hard mast for all walks of wildlife.  Acorns rain down annually, at a critical time when other oaks haven’t even thought of shedding.  Sawtooths are so productive that we can fill the back of a pickup with acorns from three trees!    Trail camera folks and early season bow hunters should all agree that sawtooth oak is a winner.  Plant a few groves near the cabin or close to your property’s perimeter for a low impact, easy access, and early season “sure thing” hunting spot.  Acorns drop from mid-September to mid-October and as early as year six from seed on better sites, but we’ve seen them produce younger than that. 




Cerris Oak (not red or white) 

5 - 9

Soil pH:  4.4 - 7.1
Mature Height: 80'
Wildlife Value:  Large early dropping, abundance of acorns favored by deer and most all other wildlife.  
Site Preference:  Must have plenty of sun and prefers fertile, well-drained soil to thrive and produce heavy mast crops.
Nut Maturity Date:  September to October
Alias:  Oriental Oak, Gobbler Oak

Zone 5-9

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Briggs
Tree were good

They looked in good shape and were packaged nice

Richard Knight
Quality trees

Really pleased with the quality of the sawtooth oak bundle I purchased. They arrived well packed and trees were in perfect condition.

Future Forest

My trees arrived very fast and looked great. I’m excited to watch them grow into mature trees. Thanks to Nativ nurseries for offering such awesome plants.

Jason Turner

Awesome tress as always. Thanks.