Northern Red x Willow Oak Hybrid (Quercus x heterophylla)

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 We don’t admit to finding this hybrid, but a close friend (and fellow oak enthusiast) has- and thankfully shares the acorns with us to in turn share with you. Most of our hybrids come from the South, but this one hails from central Missouri, so it can likely survive and thrive on into the cooler portions of zone 5. Northern reds have large acorns, grow fast, and make a good timber tree. Willow oak tolerates a wide range of sites including poorly drained bottoms, and is arguably the most productive and reliable oak there is. Combine the two for a winning combination of fast growth, landscape quality and heavy production. Oh yeah, check out the fall color on these babies!



Red Oak section

5 - 9

Soil pH: 4.6 - 7.1
Mature Height: 100'
Wildlife Value: Preferred by whitetail deer, wild turkey, ducks, squirrel, bear, and others
Site Preference:

Thrives on deep, well-drained bottoms and coves. Also tolerates upland sites and periodic flooding. Great yard tree.

Drop Time: Early Fall


Zone 5-9