Barrier Blend- Visual Screen Mix

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We’ve all had problems with nosey neighbors, spot lighters, or wildlife watchers, driving by our fields and food plots to see if they can catch a glimpse of whatever critters might be on our property. In most cases building a fence is out of the question. So, you have two options – plant trees to create a screen or plant tall growing grasses. We encourage both! As you can imagine, trees are very helpful but can take several years to reach an effective size. Planting our “Barrier Blend” is a quick, simple, and easy way to establish a visual barrier along any part of your property. We’ve selected 5 specific species of tall growing native grasses for this blend and a good stand will grow up to 7-10 ft tall. We recommend planting a strip 5 ft wide along the perimeter of the area of interest.

Bloom Time: Warm Season- Fall
Contains: 750 seeds per packet
Rate: 50 seeds per sq. ft.
Plant along:

Walking Trails
Fence Lines
Erosion Control
Creating Any Visual Barrier
Contains 5 varieties of native grasses. Can grow up to 7-10 ft

Big Bluestem
Switchgrass - Alamo
Maximillian Sunflower
White Wingstem
Iron Weed