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"Wild" Crab Apple 6 Pack (Malus spp.) w/10.99 Flat Rate Shipping

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"Wild" Crab Apple 6 Pack (Malus spp.) w/10.99 Flat Rate Shipping Its no secret that deer absolutely hammer apples and crabapples, and we’ll go as far to say there may not be a more effective “draw and hold” to deer than a big grove of them.  However, a big orchard...
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"Wild" Crab Apple 6 Pack (Malus spp.) w/10.99 Flat Rate Shipping

Its no secret that deer absolutely hammer apples and crabapples, and we’ll go as far to say there may not be a more effective “draw and hold” to deer than a big grove of them.  However, a big orchard of fancy named varieties can be a rather expensive and time consuming chore for the weekend warrior or gamekeeper to undertake…meaning less time and money spent managing the rest of your property when you are busy spraying for bugs and diseases that high end apples often require.  To those who can put forth the extra effort and expense to plant and manage the larger, grafted cultivars we applaud you. That being said, we have a solution we believe may be a better option for most wildlife oriented folks, and it’s available in our super stout, yet seedling-sized “wild” crabapple. 

Our “wild” crabs are actually seedlings from our favorite crabapple selections  and wild types such as: Dolgo, Transendent, Chestnut, Centennial, Whitney, and Prairie crab.  Having a mixed bag of genetics and drop times from hardy, heavy bearing, disease tolerant favorites in an economical, and simple to establish and maintain rapid mast seedling should be a no-brainer to anyone wanting to spread some apple madness on their place. 

With our “wild” crabs, combined with tree tubes and a little extra TLC for the first few years of growth, expect flowering and fruiting to occur on some trees in as little as three or four growing seasons, with the remainders putting on heavy crops no later than seven or eight years.  So if you’re looking for heavy crops of highly preferred apples dropping from late summer and on into fall, but don’t want to put your county extension agent on payroll, try our “wild” crabs on for size.


Zone: 4 - 8
Soil pH: 5.0 - 7.5
Wildlife Value: Excellent.
Site Preference: Full sun.
Fruit Maturity Date: Late Summer, Early Fall
Fruit: Pale green blushed yellow


Zone 4-8


Customer Reviews

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Glenna Pritchett
Permaculture project.

Arrived in good condition. Had to wait for some rain, but finally got them in the ground. Now the wait and hope the deer don’t nip them back.

Crab Apple trees

All trees came with leaves still on and packed good. They were just getting ready to drop their leaves for fall. They look good! Hopefully in the spring they’ll all take off

Hardy Mexican Plum

This is my second purchase of Mexican plums from Nativ Nurseries. With the drought we had in Southeast, Dudley and his staff held onto my purchase until the drought lifted. I first found this tree on a walking trail off the Natchez Trace in Ridgeland, Mississippi . I liked how it was doing and enjoyed the taste of the plums. I purchase these both for my family and for wildlife. I recommend this species. I will post a picture of a previous order of Mexican plum from Dudley, on their Instagram.

Arrived Looking Dry and Struggling

These arrived looking incredibly dry with leaves already falling off of them. This is not typical of my experience with Nativ Nurseries. I watered them right away and planted them ASAP but I don't give them a good chance to survive. I'll update this review in the spring if any of them live...

William Phillips
Crab apple trees

The crab apples came very well packaged and were bigger than expected

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"Wild" Crab Apple 6 Pack (Malus spp.) w/10.99 Flat Rate Shipping
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