Swamp Milkweed Wildflower Garden Plugs (Asclepias incarnata)

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Swamp Milkweed Wildflower Garden Plugs - Asclepias incarnata

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Best known for its superb Monarch Butterfly attracting qualities the Swamp Milkweed thrives in moist soil conditions and is often found thriving along streams and creeks on the edges of ponds and other low lying areas prone to seasonal flooding.   This North America native is a great nectar producer thus is a great pollinator attractor, typically producing a pink to mauve flower in mid to late summer in zones 3-8.  Often used in wetland mitigation, this colonizing perennial wildflower is often overlooked as a landscape variety, however we think no landscape is complete without it.   Also known as the Rose Milkweed and White Indian Hemp, it has a pleasant sweet subtle vanilla flavor and is great for cut flowers.




pH range 4.5-7.5