Sure-Fire Red Oak Hybrid (Quercus palustris x nigra)

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The Sure-Fire hybrid, a cross between Pin Oak and Water Oak can tolerate a much broader range of soil conditions and can thrive in areas normal oak species cannot. This exclusive hybrid oak tends to grow faster, produce more acorns, and is more resistant to diseases.

Planting our hybrid oak trees is a great way to add something truly unique to your piece of property. Get ready, your neighbors are gonna be jealous, especially when they figure out the deer on their land are crossing property lines to dine on the buffet of acorns you have provided for them.



Red Oak section

5 - 9

Soil pH: 4.5 - 6.5
Mature Height: 100'
Wildlife Value: Important cover, habitat, and food for wildlife. Acorns are eaten by squirrel, wild turkey, deer and waterfowl.
Site Preference: Grows on a variety of moist but moderately to well drained soils. Established trees can tolerate seasonal flooding.
Drop Time: October to Mid-November


Zone 5-9