Cherrybark Oak (Quercus pagoda)

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Once believed to be a variety of Southern red oak (Quercus falcata), the tree ID people finally came to their senses and gave credit where the credit is due. Cherrybark oak is king of the reds as far as timber value goes in the south. A fast growing and bottomland loving oak, CBO (cherrybark oak) also sheds acorns at a time when not many other acorns are dropping. We recommend spacing these a little closer together if you're managing for timber, or even better allow some competition from other trees such as sweetgum to get that ‘naturally pruned’ effect that just can’t be replicated. This is truly a dual purpose oak for those of you who actually have to earn some money from your property while you hunt. Our parent trees are chosen for good form, and a heavy mast crop. Most of our seed comes from an area scientifically proven to produce faster growth and good timber form. 



Red Oak section

6 - 9

Soil pH: 4.8-7.2
Mature Height: 110’-130'
Wildlife Value: Heaviest eaters are wild turkey, gray squirrel, and blue jay, but deer, raccoon, and other waterfowl also enjoy them.
Site Preference: Thrives in any well drained bottom, rich upland site, cove, or loessal hill.
Nut Maturity Date: November
Alias: Red Oak


USDA Zone 6-9

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Henry Rivero

Excellent cherry bark oak trees. The shipping and packaging kept them in excellent condition. Looking forward to ordering from Nativ soon.