Blight Resistant Chestnuts (Castanea mollissima/hybrids)

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Chestnuts are nothing short of highly nutritious wildlife magnets that produce crops annually beginning at a very young age…in fact its highly possible to see a few nuts on saplings as young as three years old. And chestnuts aren’t just for wildlife- they make for a tasty and filling snack for us humans too!  Although we refer to our chestnuts as Chinese (because they largely resemble Chinese strains), there’s a tad bit of American, Japanese, Korean, and European genetics in the mix as well. Our chestnuts come from a grafted orchard of many different blight resistant/tolerant strains and cultivars grown in USDA hardiness zone 6a, just a few miles from zone 5b. That will ensure you’ll get some of the most cold tolerant chestnut seedlings available. On top of that, we only collect seed from trees that crop mid to late season so your trees will have a better chance of dropping mast during hunting season. Multiple strains for increased diversity, mid to late season drop times, cold hardiness, proven in the South, annual production beginning at a young age, absolute wildlife magnets- Nativ Nurseries Rapid Mast Chestnuts!

Zone: 5 - 9
Soil pH: 5.0 - 7.0
Mature Height: 30' - 50'
Wildlife Value: Excellent.
Site Preference: Well drained soils are favorable, but can adapt to most sites. Avoid wet areas.
Nut Maturity Date: Mid - Late Fall
Requires Pollinator:

Yes, more than one tree is required to produce mast



Zone 5-9