Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)

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Bald cypress, a long-lived wetland monarch, is an incredibly important component of floodplains, sloughs, swamps, brakes, or anywhere else that remains too wet for most other trees. Wood from mature trees is highly valuable due to its ability to withstand the elements, and because of this has spurned an industry of “recyclers” who salvage lumber from old buildings or sinker logs from waterways to put it back to use. Baldcypress’ popularity as a landscape specimen has proven its tolerance to colder and drier conditions than its natural range indicates.

Here’s a tip: If you want to increase the chance of turkeys roosting on your property, plant several clumps of cypress in or around your food plots. Turkeys love the horizontal branching habit of this species, and will choose them over other trees when given the option.  Here is another tip: If you have or plan on installing a small bridge on your property, or already have one and don’t want to lose it to erosion, plant several cypress trees downstream. The roots will form upright growths called knees that trap sediment and material to slow the flow and greatly reduce erosion.

Zone: 6 - 9
Soil pH: <6.8
Mature Height: 75' - 100'
Wildlife Value: Preferred roost tree for wild turkeys, seeds eaten by wood ducks. Hollows provide habitat, nests, dens, ect. for fish, woodpeckers, ducks, racoon, and other woodland mammals.
Site Preference: Naturally occurs in wetlands, but tolerates drier sites.
Fruit Maturity Date: Fall