American Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana)

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The common persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) is an incredibly attractive, economical food source we should all manage or incorporate on our properties. Healthy sources of mast such as persimmon are beneficial to bucks, but does and their nursing fawns receive added benefit through the vitamins and minerals found in ripe fruit.

Every knowledgeable deer (and deer hunter) knows the only thing better than having a loaded persimmon dropping her sweet treats is having a GROVE of  “simmons” to choose from.  Those single trees are great but it seems the deer don’t go too far out of their way for just one tree.  If you really want to bring ‘em in close from great distances, establish patches of trees to see some real results.  Since persimmons can produce fruit on small stature trees, you may also want to plan ahead by planting a faster growing tree to hang a stand in nearby.

With the help of a proper planting job, tree tubes, and maintenance, a persimmon tree on an average site with plenty of sun can begin producing fruit in six to ten years. Considering the male to female ratio is usually 1:1,   we recommend planting at least ten trees per patch to get enough fruiters to really draw ‘em in.

Zone: 5 - 9
Wildlife Value: Excellent.
Site Preference: Full sun.
Fruit Maturity Date: Early Fall - Winter
Fruit: Astringent, small to medium in size, must be fully ripened to eat

 Zone 5-9