Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)

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This evergreen tree is one of the most widely used trees in nature. The twigs and foliage are browsed all year by most hoofed mammals, and the berries are a very important part of most all small game and fowl diet. The eastern red cedar also provides a safe habitat to many small mammals and waterfowl, most likely, if you are a deer hunter, you have seen bucks create a rub on a cedar tree. To the Native Americans the Eastern Red Cedar is a symbol of the tree of life. For many years mankind has used the cedar tree to make various medicines, tools, weapons, homes and countless other items from all parts of this legendary tree. Owning a few redcedars or creating a grove of them will surely please any nature enthusiast.


Zone: 5 - 9
Soil pH: 4.7–8.0
Mature Height: 40'
Wildlife Value: Twigs and foliage heavily browsed by hoofed mammals. Berries are also very important in wildlife diet.
Site Preference: Can be found on a large variety of soils, however, usually more abundant in shallow, dry, rocky places.
Fruit Maturity Date: Fall
Alias: Cedar Tree


 Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) Range