Buy 6 (Q. x neopalmeri) Get 6 Free (Q. shumardii)

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Buy 6 Shuwater Hybrid Oaks and get 6 Shumard Oaks FREE with this special Buy One Get One Package!

A customer once asked us, “If you had to choose one and only one species of oak to plant at your deer camp or property, which one would it be?” Wow, a question like that is very important. Let’s see… well…it must provide high quality timber and plenty of mast. It also must be a red oak because biologists recommend at least 60% of oaks on a property be from the red oak section. Most importantly it must provide a wide window of acorn drop time like no other oak can provide. That leaves us no choice but to say Shumard oaks from Mossy Oak’s Nativ Nursery!

The Shuwater's (Quercus x neopalmeri) parent tree seems to think it is still a water oak- based on its form and very heavy annual crops. However, the acorns are white meated and have the larger size and shape of a Shumard oak!  The seedlings from this hybrid have performed incredibly in both well-drained sandy loams and somewhat poorly drained clays topping out at 6-7 feet in their first year!  Although the gracious owners of this tree allow us to collect its bounty, we’re told to leave most for the deer so be sure to get an order in early if you want a handful of these dandies.

We collect our Shumard (Quercus Shumardii) seed from different parent trees that provide a mast source encompassing almost half of the calendar year (mid Oct- Feb) from one species of oak! Shumards vary in their expressed traits (especially with timing of acorn drop) more so than any red oaks we have encountered, and also can be successfully established in a wide range of zones and sites.

Zone: 6 - 9
Soil pH: 4.5 -  7.1
Mature Height: 100'
Wildlife Value: Heaviest eaters are wild turkey, gray squirrel, whitetail deer, racoon,and other waterfowl also enjoy them.
Site Preference: Thrives in any well drained bottom, rich upland site, cove, or loessal hill.
Drop Time: Late Fall