Mexican Hat Wildflower Garden Plugs (Ratibida columnifera)

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Mexican Hat Wildflower Garden Plugs -

Ratibida columnifera 

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Understandably, the Mexican Hat bloom gets the common name from it’s resemblance to Sombreros.  This native prairie coneflower or thimble flower in the Aster family was used medicinally by Native Americans to treat a variety of ailments, and usually tops out at 1-1.5 feet tall.  It is quick to colonize, and produces burgundy and yellow blooms for an extended period in the summer months.  A beneficial larval host and pollen/nectar/food source for all types of insects including native bees, butterflies, and moths- this wildflower has a home in prairieland restoration, backyards, and also around the mailbox.  Being a native flower of the more xeric Midwestern plains, this easy to grow perennial is a preferred selection of us here at Nativ Nurseries, and has been naturalized throughout the U.S. and large parts of Canada and Mexico.

Zones 4-8

pH range 5.2-8


 Mexican Hat Wildflower Plug Range