Little bluestem Native Grass Plugs - Schizachyrium scoparium

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Little bluestem Native Grass Plugs -  Schizachyrium scoparium

Zone 3-9

pH – 6.8-7.2

The most striking part of this native grass is it’s reddish-tan color in fall, although it gets its name from the blue hue of the stem bases in the spring.   Growing well in bottomland sites, Little blue stem is a great for establishing cover for wildlife such as whitetail deer and rabbits, and is commonly used in landscapes and restoration projects alike as it is a quick to establish on disturbed soils for erosion control.    This perennial native grass is quick to seed and is successful in meadows and prairies giving food, shelter and nesting habitat to native bees, butterflies, birds and other wildlife.  Their clumpy growth  with many fine blades at the base provide excellent nesting sites, the seeds are eaten by small mammals and birds and are of especially high value as a food source for birds that spend the winter on grassland.  

Our native warm season grass (NWSG) plugs are grown using the same rapid mast system we use on our highly productive and easy to establish tree seedlings.  NWSG’s can also be established by planting seeds, but using our large plugs can save time and money for applications such as logging decks, screening cover, native landscaping, hiding your favorite ground blind, combating erosion problems near streams, ditches or levees, or simply because you want to raise them yourself and scatter seed collected from these starter plugs.  NWSG’s can be slow to establish from seed, but with a generous root system already in place and some competition control, our plugs can grow to large sizes and produce ample seed in its first year.  For more detailed information on establishment and management techniques for your NWSG plugs, give us a call or email.