Bedding Blend-Cover & Pollinator Habitat Mix

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Cover is one of the main three components of a healthy wildlife habitat. Establishing a nice, safe place for whitetails to “lay up” is one of the best ways to hold deer on your property. Our bedding blend contains a mix of browse tolerant native species selected for their ability to make deer and other wildlife feel comfortable and safe on your property.
Bloom Time: Warm Season – Fall
Contains: 7,500 per packet
Rate: 50 seeds per sq. ft.

1/2 Acre, 1 Acre, and 5 Acre Sizes Available!

Great For:

Unused Fields
Open Wooded Areas
Between Travel Corridors
Near Food Plots

Contains 7 varieties of native grasses and wildflowers:

Big Bluestem
Indian Grass
Virginia Wild Rye
Partridge Pea
New England Aster
Maximillian Sunflower