Nativ Whitetail Oak Tree Package

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Our whitetail deer package includes an assortment of 12 trees specially designed to keep food on the ground throughout the entire fall and winter from the southern portions of zone 6 to zone 9. Planting these trees in the same general area will be similar to having an automatic feeder disperse food every day from the beginning of bow season through the end of rifle season. This package is great for creating your very own natural “honey hole” to bow hunt, rifle hunt, or just to simply provide a consistent and reliable food source for wildlife. 

2021/2022 Whitetail Oak Tree Package (Zone 5-9) Includes:

2- Swamp Chestnut Oaks

2 - White Oaks

2- Nuttall Oaks

2- Sawtooth Oaks

2- Willow Oaks

2- Shumard Oaks

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