Overcup Oak (Quercus lyrata)

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The scientific name lyrata refers to the leaves resembling an ancient musical instrument called a lyre, and the common name refers to the acorn’s cap, or cup that almost completely covers the seed.  Overcups have unique traits allowing them to survive and thrive in swampy areas.

The acorn’s shell (a.k.a. pericarp) is thick and fleshy allowing it to float to higher ground and a better chance of survival.  This adaptation also provides an easy access meal for deer and others because the acorns accumulate by the thousands along logs, banks, stumps and such.  The acorns are usually not preferred unless flooding covers up other acorns, or the other acorns have been eaten. 

This is a good thing because overcup will supply a readily available food source when the waters come up or other food sources are hard to come by.  The ease of establishment, scaly bark, and unique foliage also make overcup a great tree for planting in the yard. 



White Oak section

6 - 9

Soil pH: 4.5 - 6.0
Mature Height: 80'
Wildlife Value: Deer, turkey, waterfowl, wild hogs, other small woodland game.
Site Preference: Can withstand heavy flooding and usually found in poorly drained to wet soils, however can thrive in well drained soils.
Nut Maturity Date: November


Overcup Oak (Quercus lyrata) Range