Purple Coneflower Wildflower Garden Plugs (Echinacea purpurea)

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Purple coneflower - Wildflower Garden Plugs - Echinacea purpurea

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Purple coneflower is arguably the most popular native perennial wildflower out there. We say that because it is easy to grow from zones 3-9, comes back every year, attracts insects and pollinators, has an outstanding purple bloom with a cone shaped seed head that’ll enhance any yard or meadow, makes free bird seed, and has medicinal value. There are many “cultivars” of coneflowers with odd shaped blooms and weird colors, but we much prefer to collect, grow, and share the true wild ones with our customers. The reason is the odd colors and weird leaves on most cultivars aren’t attractive to the very critters we are trying to attract, and the nectar may not be accessible for them to eat. We think it’s important to consider those things these days, and hope you choose to do the same.

You can plant purple coneflower plugs in somewhat poor to good soils with good drainage, and they can bloom the first year and every year thereafter. The clumps will get larger in size as the years pass, and they’ll also spread via seed. Purple coneflowers fit in just as well in the rural landscape and they do in the front yard, and deserve a seat at both!


pH range 4.5-7.5