Gray Coneflower Wildflower Garden Plugs (Ratibida pinnata)

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Gray coneflower Wildflower Garden Plugs -  Ratibida pinnata

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One of the most familiar of the North American native wildflowers, the gray-headed cone flower is ironically known for its bright yellow color, and is also commonly called yellow coneflower and prairie coneflower.   This sun loving perennial from the Aster family is native to the eastern and central US all the way into Canada, and can also handle partial shade. Its grows from 2-5 feet in height, and puts on a show for a longer duration than most native wildflowers, with bright yellow drooping ray florets often covering the months of June, July, and into August.   This extended bloom time from early to late summer makes it a favorite of many beneficial wasps and beetles. It’s also a host plant for the silvery checkerspot butterfly larvae, and a preferred pollen source of native bees, including the longhorned and leafcutter varieties. This rhizomatous plant is quick to colonize and can handle a multitude of sites, is a favorite of wildflower enthusiasts, and a great selection to include in establishing pollinator habitat and prairie land restoration.


Zone 3-10


pH range 4.5-7.5