Big bluestem Native Grass Plugs - Andropogon gerardii ‘Kaw’

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Big bluestem Native Grass Plugs -  Andropogon gerardii ‘Kaw’

Big bluestem is often the first species that comes to mind when referring to native warm season grasses.  Its clumping nature, and heavy yields of both above and below-ground biomass make “big blue” a common inclusion in native grass plantings across the country.  The seed heads appear atop 4-6 foot stalks can be identified by their resemblance to a turkey’s foot.  If you are interested in establishing some native grasses to your property, but don’t want to buy a bag of seed, consider trying our oversized, air-pruned plugs.  With proper management, these plugs will produce their own seed that can be scattered by hand or via mother nature to increase the population of this wonderful habitat component.  The ‘Kaw’ selection of big blue is a popular choice for states from Kansas and south, but is known to adapt the locations further north.

Our native warm season grass (NWSG) plugs are grown using the same rapid mast system we use on our highly productive and easy to establish tree seedlings.  NWSG’s can also be established by planting seeds, but using our large plugs can save time and money for applications such as logging decks, screening cover, native landscaping, hiding your favorite ground blind, combating erosion problems near streams, ditches or levees, or simply because you want to raise them yourself and scatter seed collected from these starter plugs.  NWSG’s can be slow to establish from seed, but with a generous root system already in place and some competition control, our plugs can grow to large sizes and produce ample seed in its first year.  For more detailed information on establishment and management techniques for your NWSG plugs, give us a call or email.