Scarlet x Willow Oak Hybrid (Quercus coccinea x phellos)

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 This selection is arguably the most beautiful AND productive red oak hybrid we offer.  The first year we discovered and collected acorns from this ancient, open-grown tree, it was towering above all creation. The next year, it was reduced to a stump from an errant lightning strike. However, when we returned for a follow up visit the following year it had sent up one huge new stem that was covered in acorns again! Fast forward several years, and it still produces a good crop. The leaves are shiny and turn a stunning purplish red every autumn, making a perfect combination landscape/wildlife tree.  Thanks to the parentage, you can just about grow it anywhere from upland to well drained bottomland sites. You might want to stock up on this one soon, because it’s a matter of time before the tree succumbs to the damage from the lightning. 



Red Oak section

6 - 9

Soil pH: 4.7 - 6.9
Mature Height: 100'
Wildlife Value: Heaviest eaters are wild turkey, gray squirrel, and blue jay, but deer, racoon,and other waterfowl also enjoy them.
Site Preference: Thrives in any well drained bottom, rich upland site, cove, or loessal hill.
Drop Time: October to mid-November


Zone 6-9