Rainmaker Oak Hybrid (Quercus alba x lyrata)

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 Toxey, Mr. Fox, some local tree nerds, and the owners of a behemoth, open grown white oak have for years agreed something was unique about this old pasture-tree’s personality.  They also took note of its track record for heavy acorn production and deer preference.  Despite reservations from both in-house and borrowed experts regarding their theory that this oak had mixed parentage, its progeny and a couple of recent, nearby hybrid finds that more closely resembled overcup oak solved the mystery.  The seedlings don’t come close to resembling a young white oak’s pink and fuzzy emerging leaves, but have shiny, purple tinged new growth.  The Stevens Oak is indeed a white oak crossed with overcup!  Although the parent tree and its acorns more closely resemble a true white oak, the seedlings take on a fairly uniform "half and half" look, and grow much more vigorously than both white and overcup.

Until we’ve had time to experiment with these seedlings on a poorly drained overcup site, we recommend sticking these in a well drained upland or bottomland soil.  Thanks to our acorn gathering machine getting clogged with deer "poo" that always gathers under this tree, and the landowners’ desire to view them chomping on the acorns (can’t blame 'em), these seedlings will be in limited quantities - so get your orders in early!




White Oak section

5 - 9

Soil pH: 4.5 - 6.8
Mature Height: 80'
Wildlife Value: Acorns eaten by squirrel, deer,  wild turkey, quail, ducks and racoon.
Site Preference: Occurs on many soil types, but best on deep, moist, slightly acid, well-drained soils.
Drop Time: October to early November

Zone 5-9