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God. Family. Dirt...

After God and family at Mossy Oak it's all about the dirt. We started with a fistful of dirt, limbs, and leaves and created a revolution in the outdoor industry resulting in one of the world's most recognized and trusted outdoor brands and enterprises.
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Bare Root Saplings
"Bare Root" Seedling Information

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Bare Root:
Bare-root forest seedlings are seedlings that are harvested from open field nursery beds and packaged with no soil around the root system.  Seedling roots are coated with a polymer gel to protect them from desiccation (drying out) from the time they are harvested, in the nursery, until they are transplanted. Bare-root seedlings will be shipped in fall/winter  only, however, to secure availability orders should be placed as soon as possible.

Available Species:
Cherrybark Oak
Laurel Oak
Live Oak
Nuttall Oak
Overcup Oak
Sawtooth Oak
"Gobbler" Sawtooth Oak
Shumard Oak
Southern Red Oak
Swamp Chestnut Oak
Water Oak
White Oak
Willow Oak

Native Pecan
Persimmon-Sold Out
Southern Crabapple-Sold Out
Bald Cypress
Loblolly Pine
Slash Pine

*Free Shipping on Bare Root Seedlings –We are currently no longer shipping bare roots trees until the Fall of 2013. All orders placed after March 22 3013 will be shipped this Fall.



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