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After God and family at Mossy Oak it's all about the dirt. We started with a fistful of dirt, limbs, and leaves and created a revolution in the outdoor industry resulting in one of the world's most recognized and trusted outdoor brands and enterprises.
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Wildlife Tree Package
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The trees in this package have been hand selected by Mossy Oak’s CEO and Founder Toxey Haas to offer land owners a diverse selection of incredible trees for all types of wildlife. Check back periodically, we are always learning all sorts of new and interesting things about plants for wildlife, who knows what will make the list next!

Swamp Chestnut Oak (2)- Two words – LARGE ACORNS – This bottomland white oak produces acorns twice the size of regular white oaks, great for early/mid season hunting.

Shumard Oak (3)- This highly productive, fast growing, red oak can adapt to many different site and soil conditions. Did we mention it was HIGHLY productive!

American Persimmon (3)- AWESOME tree for all types of wildlife ! It's fruit is favored by wildlife, especially early season whitetails, and it makes a good snack for hunters as well.

Beadles Oak (2)- This hybrid oak provides tremendous bow hunting opportunities in mid to late October.  The delicious are preferred by the whitetail deer.  The hybrid is a cross between a Swamp Chestnut and White Oak.

Scarlet x Willow Oak (2)- This tree is a unique hybrid that grows well on ridges.  The acorns are smaller that your normal Scarlet Oak but bigger than your normal Water Oak. It has tremendous wildlife value for deer, turkey, and squirrels.

Cherrybark Oak (2)- The Cherrybark oak is valuable red oak species for timber production as well as wildlife value.  You can't go wrong with adding this species to your property.

White Oak (3)- This tree is the most preferred tree out all white oak species.  It provides great hunting opportunities in the fall and provides excellent wildlife value.

Swamp White Oak (3)- Even though the name says Swamp White oak this tree species will grow on a wide variety of soil types from moderately well drained soils to poorly drained soils.  It is a hardy species that can stand colder temperatures and grows well up north or in the south.

"Wild" Crab Apple (2)- This variety of apple grows fairly fast and provides great hunting opportunities.  It is good to have patches of these on your property to attract a wide range of wildlife species.

Wild "Deer" Pear (2)-  Similar to the Crab Apple the Wild "Deer" Pear offers a great food source for whitetail deer.  It grows well along fence edges and the edges of fields.  It holds on to its fruit longer allowing for a food source for all deer season.

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Swamp Chestnut Oaks 2
Shumard Oaks 3
Beadles Hybrid Oaks 2
American Persimmon 3
Scarlet x Willow Hybrid Oaks 2
Cherrybark Oaks 2
White Oaks 3
Swamp White Oaks 3
"Wild" Crab Apple 2
Wild "Deer" Pear 2
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