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After God and family at Mossy Oak it's all about the dirt. We started with a fistful of dirt, limbs, and leaves and created a revolution in the outdoor industry resulting in one of the world's most recognized and trusted outdoor brands and enterprises.
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Sawtooth Oak "Gobbler" (Quercus acutissima)

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Customers often ask us, “How come you call yourselves the Nativ Nursery, and offer the non-native sawtooth oak?” Our answer is, “It’s native somewhere.” 

No really, sawtooth oak has been an American citizen for quite some time, and proves itself a winner in our book as the first to provide hard mast for all walks of wildlife. Acorns rain down annually, at a critical time when other oaks haven’t even thought of shedding. Sawtooths are so productive that we can fill the back of a pickup with acorns from three trees!

Trail camera folks and early season bow hunters should all agree that sawtooth oak is a winner.  Plant a few groves near the cabin or close to your property’s perimeter for a low impact, easy access, and early season “sure thing” hunting spot.

Acorns drop from mid-September to mid-October and as early as year six from seed on better sites, but we’ve seen them produce younger than that.   This particular seedling comes from a ‘gobbler’ selection which we believe produces a heavier crop than the larger seeded strains.

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Zone: 5 - 9
Soil pH: 4.4 - 7.1
Mature Height: 80'
Wildlife Value: Large early dropping, abundance of acorns favored by deer and most all other wildlife.
Site Preference: Must have plenty of sun and prefers fertile, well-drained soil to thrive and produce heavy mast crops.
Drop Time: September to October
Alias: “Gobbler” Sawtooth Oak

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