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After God and family at Mossy Oak it's all about the dirt. We started with a fistful of dirt, limbs, and leaves and created a revolution in the outdoor industry resulting in one of the world's most recognized and trusted outdoor brands and enterprises.
What is a Rapid Mast Seedling? Click here to learn why our trees grow faster, healthier, and produce acorns and fruit at an early age.

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Christmas Package Special - Limited Time Only
This Holiday Season, give the outdoorsman in your family a gift that will truly keep on giving. Our large collection of grafted fruit trees are perfect for your back yard or favorite hunting location. Grafted fruit trees produce large fruits perfect for wildlife and human consumption. For a limited time only, purchase any grafted fruit tree bundle and receive 1 Free Golden Delicious Apple and 1 Free Keiffer Pear… and to make this Christmas deal even sweeter – we’re offering

Grafted Fruit Trees - Free Shipping

Grafted fruit trees offer fruit production at a young age and are an excellent source of food for both wildlife and man. Each species of tree has its own set of pollination requirements as well as needed chill hours so be sure to read about each tree before you make a purchase.  Our grafted fruit trees are sold in bundles of 4, each tree will have a 4 inch wide by 4 inch wide 10 inch deep container. We offer FREE Shipping on all grafted containerized fruit trees; trees are shipped via UPS and will typically arrive within 5 business days. If you would like us to hold your and ship them at a specific time please indicate the desired ship date in the “Order Notes” section at checkout.

Ayers Pear
Ayers Pear - Grafted
Ein Shemer
Golden Delicious Apple - Grafted
Ein Shemer
Keiffer Pear - Grafted
Ein Shemer
McIntosh Apple - Grafted
Ein Shemer
Orient Pear - Grafted